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Summer Bucket List June 15, 2012

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I love this idea … Make a list of things you want to make sure you do this summer so that summer doesn’t get away for you and you look back and can’t remember what you did! I will publish my summer bucket list here – but feel free to share your ideas. How about Somerset 4H Fair in NJ? That thing is so much fun for kids…. More to come!



Balance Bike Versus Training Wheels March 18, 2012

Frankly, I didn’t know an alternative existed until I started looking and asking around. Some very smart person realized that training wheels really just helped your child to pedal, versus balancing which is actually the more challenging part of the act. They reversed the learning order and said, if a child learned to balance FIRST, then the pedaling part would come easy. Seems they are right.  Most versions of the balance bikes out there have received very good reviews. I chose the Kazam balance bike because it has real tires and a bigger foot rest for the little feet. The Strider bike is the most popular if you are interested in a different option. The bike is just tall enough so your child’s feet touch the ground – so they push themselves along with their feet and lift their feet to glide along. In doing this, they begin to feel comfortable with the concept of balancing on the bike. Its one of those things that if it had been on Shark Tank, they would have given them millions. So cool. We have seen it in action and it is not without risks-  the child can still tip over and they do have to use their feet to stop so you need to avoid any hills at first. It is a nice teaching tool and in my opinion much better than the run behind and cautiously let go and watch your child wobble towards an unknown destiny of euphoria or pavement.

You can find this bike on Amazon for around $100.


Delish Family Dinner Recipe February 26, 2012

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It has been a while since I have absolutely loved a recipe. We cook a lot in our house and I “like” a lot of the recipes but I always find myself finding a small fault where I wish it was easier, or was healthier. To my surprise, while just making a regular Sunday dinner, I found a recipe I want to share with everyone. Typically I would only make a recipe rated 5 stars on since there are thousands of choices and why make one that rates any less than the best. This recipe though was rated only 4 stars and I am shocked. It is a receipe for chicken-zucchini alfredo. My child literally ate 5 dishes of this and my husband and I are fighting over who will bring the leftovers for lunch. Now it is a “lower” fat version of alfredo which I really like and contains NO cream.However, it is not a low-fat recipe with 600 calories per serving. Most of the calories comes from the oil and the cheese so use sparingly to make that number come down. Also, you don’t need as much evaporated milk so you can decrease calories there. All in all – your children will eat vegetables, whole wheat, and protein in a wonderfully delicious, easy to make meal. I’m a fan. I hope you are too.


Alternative option to the bulky exersaucer/jumper – Go-Pod February 15, 2012

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We loved the jumper/exersaucer, my child loved playing in it. Some do, some don’t. I will say that the typical jumpers/exersaucers  are huge, unwieldy and eyesores. They are fun, but could be potentially short-lived depending on your child’s interest or attention span. Plus, they are definitely not easily transportable. The Go-Pod folds up for easy storage,



Motts for Tots Rip off(in my opinion) February 12, 2012

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With thousands of products focused on children, many times we have to trust that those creating those products aren’t misleading us as parents. Motts for Tots says it has 40% less sugar than regular apple juice – which, for us parents who have heard that juice isn’t the best drink choice because of sugar content and who also know how much our children love it, seems like a dream come true. Then I read the label. Normal apple juice contains 100% juice (the real ones anyway). This one contains 54% juice. Then I kept reading – the first ingredient is water. Then it dawned on me – this is WATERED down apple juice!! I’m getting 54% of the apple juice I could have gotten for my child because… and here is the news flash… I can ADD WATER MYSELF! Honestly folks, in my opinion this is a rip off. Now I will say that if someone wanted to buy the Motts for Tots in the juice boxes because if you are on the road you don’t want to carry Apple Juice AND water then I could understand it but otherwise I think this is a product taking advantage of parents wanting to do the right thing. I have other ridiculous marketing examples that I will share over the next few months.


The Magic Hockey Stick January 17, 2012

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Perhaps I wasn’t aware that it would be such a search for a good toddler book. Maybe because there is an entire floor at the library dedicated to children’s books and endless “recommended” books for toddlers. Have you read these books? Many are boring, not written well, illustrations are odd, story is too scary or too deep for a toddler, hard to read, too long, etc. etc. When I bought The Magic Hockey Stick book by Peter Maloney, I thought it would be more of a sports book but it isn’t at all. The book has wit, it rhymes (but not the cheesy rhyming) which makes it easy to read, it isn’t too long, the story is so good – I even got teared up a little but it isn’t sad, and  best of all, my kid loves it. I’m searching out other Peter Maloney books and will let you know if they are just as good.

The Magic Hockey Stick is available at for $5.99.


Nook Sleep System on Sale November 4, 2011

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A while back I reviewed the Nook Sleep System:

Find it on sale at for a limited time saving yourself almost $200! If you aren’t already a member, send me your email address and I’ll get you added!