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Portable Bed October 23, 2010

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Who has dragged the huge pack and play to the grandparents house or on a trip? Me. Us. Most of us anyway. It isn’t complicated to take down and put back up but even in its most compact form it isn’t exactly tiny. And what if you go on a trip via plane? It is almost impossible to bring and then you are having to work with the hotel to get a crib or pack and play that has been slept in and drooled on by other kids and most of the time I can’t stomach it.Also, have you ever felt the mattress on a pack and play? Not exactly a pillow top. Don’t get me wrong – the pack and play works  just fine but we are talking the “best” here so I have an alternative that works much better.

In comes KIDCO PEAPOD. When folded up it is as big as a thick frisbee (I’ve packed it in my suitcase a number of times) and when unfolded it is a large sleeping area with an inflatable mattress and air vents that looks a whole lot like a toddler tent.

The bed pops open in a second and folds up (once you get the hang of it) equally as quick.

Children take a little while to get used to it – however the vented sides allow them to see out and makes it less claustrophobic. They have plenty of room to move around, for toys, and to sit up.

From what I have seen and experienced – children sleep well and comfortably and your life gets a LOT easier in the process .

It retails for about $80. The PLUS version of the Peapod is a bit bigger in room when it opens up but it also folds up a bit less compacted. So there are pros and cons to the PLUS.



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