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Baby Bath Tub October 26, 2010

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While I’m on the topic of baths, choosing a bath tub is not an easy feat. Especially for tiny babies, bathtime can be a bit stressful. I tried many “sling” bath tubs and they were challenging. The slings are made of thin materials which after a few washes started unraveling. I also felt that the baby wasn’t very secure or steady when laying on the sling.

 This tub is very comfortable for the baby both as an infant (note the way the plastic is molded so that the baby will not slide down or slide sideways), and then as the baby grows. I have another suggestion for when your child begins sitting up and playing more but for tinier babies this is a nice choice. In this instance, I am in agreement with the Baby Bargains book who also rated this tub quite high. Granted, this tub is larger and not as easy to store although it comes with a loop that you can use to hang it on the towel hook.

The tub is called Primo Eurobath and can be found at: . The tub is sold at among other places and costs about $25.


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