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Building your little boy’s wardrobe October 27, 2010

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Anyone who has been in a kids clothing store or a kids clothing department knows that the girl section is 3/4 and the boys section is 1/4. It is just a fact of life. Having a little boy, I’ve experienced the challenges of dressing a little boy first hand. Of course they need something comfortable so they can run around, pick up sticks, eat dirt, and all the other fun things but you also want them to be stylish. That hip, cool, not trying to hard kind of stylish.

Naartjie is children’s clothing store that was started in South Africa. They use mostly natural cotton fabrics and their clothes are easy to wear, they last under little boy wear and tear, and are just super stylish and cute. The relaxed vibe of the clothing does not sacrifice style in the process. The fabric is soft and worn in without looking worn out.

Their little girl options are decent and equally as comfortable/functional however they really shine as it relates to the little boys.

They do not have stores everywhere yet however they do have an online store for those who are interested.

let me know what you think!


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