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Must have Baby Bag – Nest Whipstich October 29, 2010

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Regardless of if you agree with me that the Nest Whipstich diaper bag is one of the best, if not the best diaper bag out there, there are still a few rules about diaper bags which must be followed:

1. Nothing that isn’t wipable. Coach has baby bags right now that are “Sateen” … FORGET IT.

2. The inside must be either black or easy to clean. Baby stuff spills!

3. Lots of pockets – there are just a bunch of categories that you carry in the diaper bag including changing gear, food, toys, wallet/purse, etc. Having a seperate section helps a ton.

The Nest Whipstich diaper bag comes in a few different colors (black, silver, and bronze). Not that it biased my decision but Heidi Klum has been seen carrying it. Some of the features I love – the lining is removable so you can wash it!, a built in diaper changing station with a removable changing pad, tons of pockets and stylish. It isn’t a break the bank bag either coming in at a reasonable $350.

I rate the diaper bag higher up on the list of things that you should invest in because it is something you carry every day and its takes a good beating throughout your child’s (or multiple children’s) lives. Plus, why not look good while carrying around wipes and cheerios?!


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