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Graco’s Pack ‘n Play can give you peace of mind and convenience November 2, 2010

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Pack ‘n Play’s have a number of different uses. When babies are little – it is place for them to safely lay while you are cooking dinner or c leaning up. It is also a convenient place to change the baby’s diaper and it is a portable crib  and acts a place for your baby to sleep when you are away from home (second only to PeaPod reviewed earlier in this blog). As your child gets older and more mobile, the Pack ‘n Play acts a temporary protected space while you get things done so that you don’t have to worry about where your child has wandered off to or what they are touching.

Graco’s Pack ‘n Play Silhouette or Modern Playard has many good qualities.

 The first positive is that it has a removable oval-shaped bassinet which sits higher within the Playard itself so you do not have to reach down each time you place your baby in or pick your baby up. Also, the changing table itself folds up so that the baby doesn’t have to be staring at the bottom of the changing table while in the bassinet. I didn’t realize how important this feature really was until I folded it up and down a thousand times. The mattress in the pack and play isn’t great for when the child gets older (if you are going to use it for sleeping) so I would suggested getting those quilted pack and play sheets to make it softer. However, as a play area – it is very comfortable. The unit itself is durable and folds up and back together quite easily. It also has a nice traveling bag. It comes with a battery operated attachment that plays music, has a light, and also provides vibration to help your baby sleep if needed. And finally, the Playard has a canopy as part of the bassinet that you can put up and down to block the light while your baby is sleeping.

There are tons of different playards out there with varying levels of complexity. This one doesn’t have a mobile that matches (it does have little toys that you can hang from the canopy though)  however the ones that we have tried with a mobile, the mobile wasn’t that great anyway and we found ourselves attaching a different, more interesting mobile.

Graco now makes a variation on this model that has more storage called Suite Solutions if you are interested.

Also, you will find various patterns on sale periodically so if you aren’t set on a color scheme or a pattern you can save between $30-$80 if you hit it at the right time.

You can find these playards in a number of different places including Babies R’ Us and


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