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Snack-Traps, Entertainment and Nourishment in One November 3, 2010

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A good mommy friend reminded me of the Snack Traps today. There is a lot of value packed into this little item that costs just a few dollars. Your child will reach an age where they want to feed themselves and for parents/grandparents on the go, that is not always easy. Baggies of food do not always work because with one tip of the hand, the food is all over the floor, your car seat, etc.

In order for it to protect the food from falling out, but still allowing your child to have some independence and eat themselves, the snack trap designed a lid with slits. As the child reaches into the cup with their little hands, the slits open up however when the cup is being shaken upside down, the food stays in.

While your child is eating out of this cup, they will be thoroughly entertained. For those trying to shop – I have found this to be a very effective tool.

The cups are sold seperately for just a few dollars but there is also a stay fresh cap which I didn’t know about before but highly recommend having for storage in your bag. This item is sold in a variety of locations including Babies R’ Us.


One Response to “Snack-Traps, Entertainment and Nourishment in One”

  1. Kate Elliott Says:

    Love these! I give them as gifts to everyone 🙂

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