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Bouncy Seat – Your children will love it, your decor might not November 8, 2010

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For those who have a sense of home decor I believe a tear will roll down your face when you realize that my recommended Bouncy seat, the one that I have bought for many a friend, the one that I searched out on Amazon because they didn’t sell it at Babies R’ Us any more is brightly colored with birds and monkeys on it. It isn’t a cool looking, zen, kind of bouncy seat. There isn’t a place for an IPOD to be plugged in. But it entertains kids. Enough said?

Theme-wise, the Fischer-Price Rainforest Bouncer focuses on … well… the Rainforest. Lots of tropical noises and the middle of the Toy Bar simulates water. By far the best feature of this bouncer is that the toy bar has two characters hanging from it – a bird and a monkey. When set to the “child activated” setting – when your baby hits or kicks the monkey or the bird, then songs, noises and the water motion begins for a short time and then stops. One of the coolest things was seeing Dylan start the tunes himself and realize that he could do it again and again.

The toy bar can be set for continuous play for the small babies who aren’t yet able to make the connection between their actions and the resulting music. Even still, at 18 months, my son things the toy bar and the motion is entertaining.

The bouncy seats is sold at a variety of retailers for about $115,


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