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Big let-down .. the Fischer Price Bubble Mower November 9, 2010

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Every family with toddlers I know has this toy so I figured it was great. My son loves copying his daddy so he could mow the lawn with the Fischer Price Bubble Mower and have fun with bubbles at the same time.

Some versions of the toy come with bubbles, some don’t. The bubbles go in the top and the bubbles come out from the undersides of the mower. Honestly – the bubbles go in but bubbles don’t come out. It is very disappointing actually and I decided that I should probably let future parents of toddlers know that this particular bubble mower isn’t worth the $22-$30. Borrow one from a friend who has already made the mistake of buying it. What is funny is that after we bought the toy and were let down, we spoke to our friends and they agreed – “yeah, that bubble mower stinks”. hahaha!

There are other bubble mowers out there – I haven’t tried them all yet and so some may work better than others. I will try some over the next few months and have a recommendation for you by next spring/mowing season.


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