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Germaphobe Entry #1 – Restaurant Tables November 10, 2010

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Knowing many of you are in the same boat as I, you will all relate to the cringing feeling that comes over me when I think about public places – grocery carts, restaurant high chairs, changing tables in bathrooms, etc. Over time we should probably talk about solutions for all of those places plus some. When we go to restaurants we always bring the portable seat to try to avoid having our child touch the table, rub his food all over the table, or just in general, have to come in contact with whatever lovely solution the restaurant uses to disinfect. Of course he loves the high chair, being up with us sitting against the table with the ability to try to reach every movable object on the table.

The adhesive disposable placemats don’t solve the movable object problem but they accomplish a number of things. They keep your child’s area of the table covered. Some of the placemat options offer entertainment (should the restaurant not have crayons and paper), and because they are adhesive – they themselves are not moveable.

It makes me feel better when the food falls off the plate onto the placemat and my child picks it up and eats it. It makes me feel better when he bangs his fork against the placemat versus the table.

These aren’t perfect – if your child is bored enough they will figure out how to pull the placemat up off the table. Also, some of them are plastic and probably not super good for the environment but others are biodegradable so we can try to help that way.

Some product options include: Classy Kid Keep Me Coloring Creative Germ Defense Placemats, Especially for Babies Table Toppers (Babies R’ Us option), Kidco Baby Disposable Placemats, among others. Neat Solutions is recommended below however they have a number of different options with different carrying cases some bulkier than others.

My recommended option is:

Neat Solutions Biodegradable Baby Einstein/Dora Placemats – they come with a nice package of 18 that fits in the diaper bag, they are decent for the environment and they have cute designs.

I was introduced to this product by a DAD I know so good job Dad!

We also have a great table topper option that is reusable versus disposable so I’ll talk about that at a later date.


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