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Very innovative – Preschoolian Shoes November 11, 2010

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Preschoolians Toddler Shoes

Time magazine rated this one of the best inventions in 2003 and it is amazing how a simple feature can make such a big difference. Preschoolians have 2 REALLY cool features – the first being a see through area at the bottom of the shoe that shows you if the shoe FITS your child. Big ahhhhh… I never thought of that. Yep, that’s why these people are rich. hahahaha. No pushing at the tip of the shoe or shoving your kids feet into the wrong size shoe. Second cool feature is that you can design your own shoe. I know for a fact that it is difficult to find green and white polka dot shoes so this is your place.

The price isn’t cheap – but the shoes are good quality and the features are really innovative. These shoes have been worn by Tiger Woods’ daughter, by Halle Berry’s daughter among a long list of celebrities and have been rated well by regular people like us.


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