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To Bumbo or Not to Bumbo November 13, 2010

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Hmmm… There is not a clear answer although after speaking with a number of parents I’m leaning towards NOT to Bumbo.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Bumbo (I wasn’t), it is a seat that looks almost identical to a booster seat but probably a little more colorful and made out of a soft plastic. Your child can sit up in it before they can sit up. The design of the seat holds your child upright and holds the legs in place so that they cannot tip over.

So the reason I’m leaning towards NOT to Bumbo is because babies either LOVE it or HATE it and it isn’t really in-between. Those babies who LOVE it, still can only use it for a short time – the time between when they can go in it (3 months) and when they can launch themselves out of it (my child, a month later max). For the short-term use, it is expensive running at about $35 and then when you add the tray it is an extra $5 more.

If you are going to use one (it was very useful for us when our baby was first starting solid foods and we didn’t want him laying in the bouncy seat and he was too small for the high chair), I would suggest borrowing one.

Finally, please be extremely careful when utilizing a bumbo – we used ours on the floor because your child can figure out very quickly how to get their legs out and if the seat is on the table, counter or chair it could be a potential risk.

Sorry Bumbo lovers out there.


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