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Not your parent’s dollhouse – by Brinca Dada November 14, 2010

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Splurge alert – attention little girl or little boy – this is not, I repeat, this is not your mommy or daddy’s dollhouse. Believe me because your mommy or daddy’s dollhouse was either plastic or a victorian house. This is a dollhouse of YOUR generation mr. or mrs. toddler. It is GORGEOUS. Modern amenities of the Emerson House include mitered-glass corners, two fireplaces, sliding glass doors, WORKING solar panels, and recessed LED lights. It folds closed and open depending on your space requirements. The paints and stains are non toxic and non lead based. It is durable, has six spacious rooms with ceiling to floor windows, fashionable, usable and did I say GORGEOUS?

There is equally fashionable furniture.

The Emerson house or the new Bennett house (which is more like a townhouse and has equally fabulous furniture and components) are both available on the brinca dad website at . The furniture can also be purchased there ( the house itself runs about $299 and the furniture is about $220) or the Emerson house can be found at FAO Schwartz.


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