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my mommy friends and I have OVER tested baby products and we are here to share our findings

Hook this product November 15, 2010

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Ever been shopping at the mall with your stroller? There is only so much room in the basket below to stuff bags. Hanging them are difficult – there are all types of traditional hooks that are open on one side where the bags can slide off or only hold so many. The Mommy Hook fits on almost any stroller handle and also can fit on a grocery cart. Unless you are a professional shopper, it can hold all the bags you have/need at any given time. It is a very reasonable price – running at about $8 and it is a great gift for a mommy/daddy to be.

The only caution – if you take your child out of the stroller and you have the mommy hook hanging on the stroller hanger with heavy items your stroller could tip so just keep that in mind. Other than that – its a great catch.. (get it? ha. I think i’m the only one giggling at that one).


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