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Love this stroller November 17, 2010

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So I know I’ll probably get a little grief for this one because everyone has a different perspective on strollers. However, I promised that I would recommend the one that the most parents/grandparents talked to me about and that I personally liked the best and this is it. The Baby Jogger City Elite is not the most expensive stroller on the market nor is it the best running stroller (despite the name. I will discuss the best running stroller at a later date.) HOWEVER, this stroller is easy to fold and unfold, has a great recline for your child (especially as they get older and they don’t sleep as well sitting up), it is durable, has nice storage underneath and in the back of the stroller, wheels gracefully, can go on fast walks/slow jogs with you because of the option to lock the front wheel or leave it rotating and comes in a variety of colors. Some other positives include the optional tray it has where you can put your toddler’s food/toys/drinks.

An innovative feature is that if you have another child – the regular stroller can be for your toddler, and then there is a car seat adapter where your second child/baby can be attached to the same stroller in his/her car seat. So it eliminates the need to buy a double stroller.

The cons are that it is a bigger stroller – it is not compact by any stretch of the imagination but compared with other strollers, there isn’t that much of a difference. I have a compact car and it fits into the trunk fine. The only places I really have some issues maneuvering are in the department stores where the racks are very close together.

I recommend the City Elite to anyone who asks. Cost is about $399 but if you add some of the additions (rain cover, snack tray, car seat adapter) you are closer to $500 all-in.


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