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Germaphobe Entry #2: Inch Bug BumpyName Orbit Labels November 20, 2010

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So the Inch Bug BumpyName Orbit labels have multiple uses , and not all of them involve avoiding germs. HOWEVER, any product that comes with an added bonus of having the horror of seeing my child pick up someone else’s bottle and cup and drink out of it, avoided, is amazing in my book.

I was introduced to Inch Bug by my BFF when she bought me these labels as a gift. I didn’t use them for the first months, and many of you won’t,  when you are holed up in the house with your newborn (avoiding germs. hahaha.). However as soon as the time comes for the exit into the real world – with gymboree, play dates, music classes, trips to the park, – you will realize the importance of this clever little invention.

Gone are the days of writing your child’s name in marker on the cup/bottle or trying to remember which one is which. Have you ever been to a party where EVERYONE”s favorite bottle is Dr. Brown’s? You willlllll. And it is at that point, you will be so thank ful that you have an Inch Bug label with your child’s name on it .

They fit almost all bottles and cups, they can be used when your child is a baby way all the way up until they don’t want their name on a cup anymore or until they go to high school which ever comes first.

The are sold at a variety of places including and they come in a variety of colors. A package of 4 will run you about $12 or so. Well worth it.


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