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Llama Llama Holiday Drama November 22, 2010

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On the phone this evening with a mommy friend we were reminiscing about our first thanksgiving as parents. A few tips that might help those new parents who are taking on the big task –

1. Prep ahead. Do all the cutting, chopping and measuring the few days leading up to Thanksgiving (ahem. today. tomorrow.). If you have everything organized then the actual day-off activities go off easier.

2. Plan dinner time around either a. your baby/child’s nap, b. your baby/child’s eating time, c. your baby/child’s bed time.  I know it isn’t the greatest thought to celebrate thanksgiving while your child is sleeping so choice b. is the best option but not always possible. The coordination of the time is critical – you don’t want to be sitting at the table trying to eat and trying to calm a crying child.

3. Have family members bring something! I know, it sounds simple but knowing most of you out there, you want to do everything and be super-parent, but have help.

4. Give your guests baby entertaining duty. Have friends and family help out while you put the finishing touches on dinner.

5. ENJOY YOURSELF. These early holidays are one that will last forever in your memory. how your little one got messy in the mashed potatoes or how he/she made gobble gobble noises that you taught them.

Don’t get caught up in the hubbub of the holiday and remember – have a LOT to give THANKS for this holiday!


p.s. this is such a cute book. and then name – I just LOVE IT. Llama, llama, holiday drama.

Llama Llama Holiday Drama


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