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The STRAW that broke the toddler’s will to destroy us. November 24, 2010

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Maybe it is the pre-thanksgiving cocktail that is making me laugh out loud at my own header to this post however, doesn’t it sometimes seem like our children will push the limits on each and everything that they do that makes us crazy? Case in point – straws. What is so interesting about taking the straw out, putting the straw in, taking the straw out, putting the straw in. Endless hours of fun for them, milk/juice/water/yogurt/other fun stuff, all over the kid, the high chair, the floor, the table… for us.

straw-lution!The STRAWLUTION -(that part is not my silliness but the actual name of the product) introduces a new concept for our toddlers. Your parents will always outwit you. The straw goes in and magic, WON’T come out. Seriously. Where have you been all my child’s life?! It has a little anchor that keeps the straw from being able to be pulled out.  The straws are shorter for children size containers and are BPA free. And you get 12 straws for $4.99. When has $5 ever brought you this much joy and feeling of success (which will only last momentarily)?



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