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Don’t we all need gloves that don’t come off November 27, 2010

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The more I write this blog, the more I realize that the best inventions are the simpliest. Who hasn’t struggled with the child who won’t wear their gloves or the one who keeps them on for 2 seconds. Despite being FREEZING they pull them off and they pull them off. OR they just fall off during some snow-filled activity and there is your kid with one glove and a freezing hand.

cranberry no-snow snuggler

No-Snow Snuggler is a comfortable shirt with gloves built in. Your coat goes over the shirt and the gloves don’t come off. Limited in terms of colors but clearly the best way to keep gloves organized and little hands warm.  You can also get them personlized with initials or a name. 

They run from $29.99 to $41.99 and you can find them at


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