Mommy Tested Baby Approved

my mommy friends and I have OVER tested baby products and we are here to share our findings

Portable Potty December 19, 2010

So I’ve lived vicariously through many of you during potty training. It is not an easy task by any stretch of the imagination. However, some tools make it easier. One of our fans had mentioned Fisher Price Potty on the Go which had been discontinued. Mommy’s all around have resoundingly indicated their preference of the replacement for this great product – it is called Kalencom’s Pottete On-The-Go-Potty. I stood in the potty aisle for 30 minutes and every mother came by raved about it. The legs fold out and locking into place and the seat is contoured for comfort. Disposable liners are removed easily and can be thrown away like a diaper. When folded up, there is a carrying bag and is compact. Most mothers said they had one in each of their vehicles. Apparently the Pottete Disposable Liners are hard to come by but has them.

When your child is learning to use the potty you need to be ready whenever and wherever duty calls. This product will help. Good luck to MYSELF (yes, we are starting yikes) and all the rest of you who have this loveliness still to come.



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