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High Chair… Sort of January 5, 2011

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I’ve been asking and asking and asking for everyone to give recommendations on the best high chair. And this, let’s call it, half of a high chair, wins out consistently. The Fisher-Price Space Save High Chair. It is cute, easy to clean, it utilizes one of your chairs instead of space on the floor, it converts to a booster seat and the children can sit directly at the table with you. It has a 3 position recline and 3 height settings. The pad is removable (key) and machine washable (key). Also, the one handed tray release system is quite convenient. What else is there to say I guess? The downside is that it isn’t a beautiful piece of furniture but then again, it isn’t $250 either. This prices out at a reasonable $50 (approx). If I had the chance to do it again, this would be my choice.


One Response to “High Chair… Sort of”

  1. Cher Says:

    This is my favorite: The Svan High Chair. Can be used until your kid is 6+ years old as the seat height and foot support are adjustable. I have 2 of these now. The plan was to transfer the first one from my 3 year old to my baby, but 3 year old didn’t want to give it up! He now sits without the tray and straps, right at the table. My 9 month old sits comfortably on the padded (removable) seat covers and uses the tray which is easier for cleaning. Nice wood. I got the first new but the 2nd on Craigslist!

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