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Its a Miracle…Blanket January 13, 2011

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You learn very early on after having a baby how important swaddling can be. For us, the baby nurses were professionals at swaddling up our son nice and tight. Swaddling is the recreating of the feeling a baby gets in the womb. Nice and warm and protected. Swaddling can help babies sleep, it can help colic, and it can help calm a baby. i’m the first one to say however that when I attempted to swaddle my child similar to how the nurse swaddled him as a newborn I was very (VERY) unsuccessful. It wasn’t tight enough and in a few minutes he had wriggled free. Then my very dear friend introduced me to the Miracle Blanket Swaddler.

Although I have other blankets that I prefer better, from a swaddling perspective this is your best bet. We had 5 or more other options that claimed to make swaddling “easy” and this option did the trick everytime. There is no velcro or ties etc. and the directions were understandable (They also have a video on their website Once in place, the swaddle will stay put long past any swaddle you could create on your own. Mothers everywhere swear by this blanket. In addition, the blanket is made from breathable cotton and is soft and comfortable and comes in an organic cotton option which is harder to find but worth it.

People and babies are either swaddlers or not. So if you are swaddler or your child is a swaddler lover, this is the blanket for you.


One Response to “Its a Miracle…Blanket”

  1. Lisa Paul Says:

    LOVE this blanket! Our son was swaddled until 6 months old and we had to “wean” him from it!

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