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Valentine’s Idea #4 January 25, 2011

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This isn’t my most creative idea to say the least but Mom’s everywhere want one of these and if they don’t have one already they would be thrilled to get one. The initial necklaces are being sported by celebrity and non-celebrity mom’s alike. They are a sweet way to have your child or your family close to your heart at all times. 

Think about it like Red Fish Blue Fish – some are silver, some are gold. Some are inexpensive and some cost a load. Some have bling, and some have tiers. Don’t be afraid, erase your fears.

We’ve listed a few options below to give you an idea of the choices out there –

This one is the most expensive at $280 – it is made by Sonya Renee and is the one that most of the celebrities are wearing:

Pink Mascara has a whole section with different types of initials necklaces and charms ranging in price:

BlueNile has a nice basic one for $60 –

Max and Chloe has a lot of cool options varying from reasonable to extremely expensive:,149,150,150

Etsy (where individuals can sell their work) has some great options for very reasonable prices:


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