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Quick Tip – Don’t lift the crib mattress March 20, 2011

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Those who have a newborn or are awaiting a newborn – pay attention. Even at almost 2 years old, my son wets through his pajamas and as a smaller child, it happened… ALOT. It doesn’t matter if you buy a light mattress or a heavy mattress for your crib because the way crib mattresses are made to fit, they have to fit SNUG for the safety of the child. Thus, to lift the mattress out, and to change the sheet is not an easy task. In fact, I might even say it is a two person job and in the middle of the night  who wants that?

The Summer Infant ULTIMATE crib sheet helps you avoid this hassle. It attaches on the top of your crib sheet using elastic and snaps that will go around your crib panels. Thus your cute crib sheet that matches the rest of the decor in the room will not be covered. The cover is waterproof and if it gets wet, you can just unsnap it and put the baby back in on the crib sheet. Then wash the Ultimate crib sheet and attach it back the next night. It comes in an organic option which is nice touch.

Don’t spend another night wrestling with the crib, mattress and sheet. Make it easy on yourself!

Sold at and for around $20.


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