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my mommy friends and I have OVER tested baby products and we are here to share our findings

Quilt Keepsake April 5, 2011

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Without a doubt, you have to give Quilt Keepsake credit. They took a talent, and combined it with the natural instinct parents have to be sentimental, and ended up with a really great product. Fact is, our children grow too fast. Fact is, when you look at their itty bitty tiny little adorable baby clothes you can’t help but wish you could save them forever. Fact is, space is limited no matter how big a house you have and so the next best thing to a bin full of baby clothes is a quilt made of your favorites. It is something you could have made and save for when they are older or maybe for your grandchildren. It is a precious keepsake. For about $85 you can get a quilt made with 20-30 baby outfits and a name embroidered. You can even include pictures for a little extra.


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