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Cool Costumes Part 1 September 9, 2011

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What parent isn’t on the quest for the cutest costume for their little tyke? I know I am, but my kid is dead set on being dressed up like a drum major/marching band which could be super cute if I could FIND such a costume but I can’t and you won’t find me in the craft room sewing one up so stay tuned to find out how I pull that one off. For all of you however, perhaps one of these costumes will fit your fancy.

Costume # 1 – Max from “Where the Wild Things Are” – what an ADORABLE costume. It would be very unique but not cheap at $150.




Costume #2 – Baby Puffy Owl from Pottery Barn. Whooooo would have thought an owl could have been so cute! $54 at Pottery Barn Kids.



Costume #3 – Its an airplane costume from Target. I love how it is 3D, looks comfortable, simple and it is cute in person. Instead of being an pilot, why not be the actual plane! You can find it at Target for $24.




Costume #4 – This little red fish is both cute and unique. Makes you want to make a fishy face doesn’t it? You can find it at One Step Ahead for $29.95.




Costume #5 – This one just CRACKED me up. A kid who can pull this off is a cool kid. Baby Elvis

Costume – you can get it from for $15.99.


One Response to “Cool Costumes Part 1”

  1. Baby Elvis…Love it!

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