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Valentine’s Day Preparation January 17, 2011

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hey everyone out there – do you know what you are getting the ladies in your life for Valentine’s day? February 14th. Don’t forget. It may be a Hallmark holiday but we don’t care. You don’t have to spend $200 on flowers…  10  great ideas coming your way over the next 10 days on MommyTested.


Llama Llama Holiday Drama November 22, 2010

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On the phone this evening with a mommy friend we were reminiscing about our first thanksgiving as parents. A few tips that might help those new parents who are taking on the big task –

1. Prep ahead. Do all the cutting, chopping and measuring the few days leading up to Thanksgiving (ahem. today. tomorrow.). If you have everything organized then the actual day-off activities go off easier.

2. Plan dinner time around either a. your baby/child’s nap, b. your baby/child’s eating time, c. your baby/child’s bed time.  I know it isn’t the greatest thought to celebrate thanksgiving while your child is sleeping so choice b. is the best option but not always possible. The coordination of the time is critical – you don’t want to be sitting at the table trying to eat and trying to calm a crying child.

3. Have family members bring something! I know, it sounds simple but knowing most of you out there, you want to do everything and be super-parent, but have help.

4. Give your guests baby entertaining duty. Have friends and family help out while you put the finishing touches on dinner.

5. ENJOY YOURSELF. These early holidays are one that will last forever in your memory. how your little one got messy in the mashed potatoes or how he/she made gobble gobble noises that you taught them.

Don’t get caught up in the hubbub of the holiday and remember – have a LOT to give THANKS for this holiday!


p.s. this is such a cute book. and then name – I just LOVE IT. Llama, llama, holiday drama.

Llama Llama Holiday Drama


Throwback November 19, 2010

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I think our children should enjoy more toys that we got to play with! Haven’t tried it but it just looked really fun (still!). The Lite-Brite Cube from Hasbro – a twist on the standard toy with 4 sides instead of 1!


Big let-down .. the Fischer Price Bubble Mower November 9, 2010

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Every family with toddlers I know has this toy so I figured it was great. My son loves copying his daddy so he could mow the lawn with the Fischer Price Bubble Mower and have fun with bubbles at the same time.

Some versions of the toy come with bubbles, some don’t. The bubbles go in the top and the bubbles come out from the undersides of the mower. Honestly – the bubbles go in but bubbles don’t come out. It is very disappointing actually and I decided that I should probably let future parents of toddlers know that this particular bubble mower isn’t worth the $22-$30. Borrow one from a friend who has already made the mistake of buying it. What is funny is that after we bought the toy and were let down, we spoke to our friends and they agreed – “yeah, that bubble mower stinks”. hahaha!

There are other bubble mowers out there – I haven’t tried them all yet and so some may work better than others. I will try some over the next few months and have a recommendation for you by next spring/mowing season.


Mr. Elf Reporting for Service November 6, 2010

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Many of you may know about this cool and innovative little elf story since it was you who introduced him to me. However, for those parents/grandparents, like me, who don’t know about him – Let me introduce you to “The Elf on the Shelf – A Christmas Tradition” written by the Elf on the Shelf.

Santa cannot watch all the children himself so he sends his elves to watch over little children and make sure that they make the “nice” list this Christmas. The pixie elf – in both light and dark skinned variations, will sit on a shelf in your house and watch your little munckin and report back to Santa. It is a story all children will enjoy and the elf is a prominent reminder that Santa’s arrival is only a short time away.

If you are really tech saavy, you can register the elf online for more elf/santa fun. Enjoy and here’s to well behaved children thanks to the Elf on the Shelf!

The elf is sold at Pottery Barn Kids and among other places and runs for about $29.95.


First Person to Read this Blog Post Wins… November 4, 2010

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Since this is a new blog and there aren’t a ton of you following me yet… the first person to comment on this post gets the promo code for a FREE 20 page 8×8 hard cover shutterfly photo book. Similac sent me the offer and now I’m giving it away. Let’s see who really is paying attention…. 😉


Recommendations welcome October 23, 2010

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Mommy Tested Baby Approved makes recommendations by trying products but more importantly by talking to other parents (Moms and Dads and Grandparents too!). What are your favorite products? Feel free to tell us anytime as we are constantly gathering information and ideas.