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my mommy friends and I have OVER tested baby products and we are here to share our findings

Balance Bike Versus Training Wheels March 18, 2012

Frankly, I didn’t know an alternative existed until I started looking and asking around. Some very smart person realized that training wheels really just helped your child to pedal, versus balancing which is actually the more challenging part of the act. They reversed the learning order and said, if a child learned to balance FIRST, then the pedaling part would come easy. Seems they are right.  Most versions of the balance bikes out there have received very good reviews. I chose the Kazam balance bike because it has real tires and a bigger foot rest for the little feet. The Strider bike is the most popular if you are interested in a different option. The bike is just tall enough so your child’s feet touch the ground – so they push themselves along with their feet and lift their feet to glide along. In doing this, they begin to feel comfortable with the concept of balancing on the bike. Its one of those things that if it had been on Shark Tank, they would have given them millions. So cool. We have seen it in action and it is not without risks-  the child can still tip over and they do have to use their feet to stop so you need to avoid any hills at first. It is a nice teaching tool and in my opinion much better than the run behind and cautiously let go and watch your child wobble towards an unknown destiny of euphoria or pavement.

You can find this bike on Amazon for around $100.


Alternative option to the bulky exersaucer/jumper – Go-Pod February 15, 2012

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We loved the jumper/exersaucer, my child loved playing in it. Some do, some don’t. I will say that the typical jumpers/exersaucers  are huge, unwieldy and eyesores. They are fun, but could be potentially short-lived depending on your child’s interest or attention span. Plus, they are definitely not easily transportable. The Go-Pod folds up for easy storage,



Cold relief for your child and for you. October 3, 2011

First and foremost, I’m not a doctor so check with your pediatrician if you have any questions about the things that I am going to recommend below, they are just mommy tricks that I do and that my mommy friends have shared with me. They seem to be tried and true.

When our children have colds, especially ones that have coughs, it can be heartbreaking and tiring. They don’t know how to truly blow their noses so their congestion travels down their throat into the chest area, hence the endless hacking. 

Steps you can take:

1. Steam up the bathroom – keep your child away from the hot water but run the shower at a high temperature with the door closed to create a steam room so to speak. Then cool the water and run the bath – It helps clear your child’s airways even though you’ll probably be sweating

2. For the little ones – I know it is so stressful – but saline drops and the aspirator are a great option. If you make it fun for them it won’t be such a struggle – but especially early on in a cold, it is important that you help your child clear the congestion. I’ve found the simple, squeeze and go aspirators to be the best over the automated ones. Try the aspirator on yourself one time just so you can understand how it feels, you’ll find that while it feels odd, it isn’t uncomfortable and it most definitely isn’t hurting your child if done correctly. Also, as you all probably know – your nose is connected to your throat and your mouth so when you are using the saline drops – if you put too much in, it will travel down their throat and into their mouth and they will taste the saltiness and begin to cry. To that point, you also don’t want your child swallowing too much saline – so if you do it while your child is laying down or sitting up, do one squirt in one nostril  at a time and then use the aspirator right afterwards, you will be creating the best possible experience for your child. My final point – the aspirator takes some practice. You may think you aren’t getting anything – keep trying and you will get the mommy prize (snot) soon enough.

3. Humidifiers, while I don’t truly understand the medical benefit for the child, seem to work wonders. I have one where you can put the Vicks packet into the top and it will have the same benefit as using Vicks (number 4 below) before your child turns two.

The following two options can only be used with children 2 and older:

4. I personally underestimated how great Vicks Vapor Rub really is. My child hates having a cold – is very cranky and cries a lot. As soon as the Vicks Vapor Rub hits his chest, he is smiling. It must have a warming sensation and it truly helps the cold symptoms, especially during the night. I rub a small amount on under the pajamas and let it work its magic throughout the night.

5. My last suggestion is my best (hopefully you’ve gotten this far!) – as you all know, children cannot take cold medicine until they are over 4 years old mostly due to the harsh ingredients. The hardest symptom to deal with – both for your child and for you, is truly the coughing. So I went on a search for a homeopathic solution and found Boirin Children’s Chestal Honey Cough Syrup. It is safe for children 2 years and older and it WORKS like a charm. I read up on it quite a bit – there is nothing negative out there, and it won an award from a panel of experts at Better Nutrition Magazine a few years ago. Obviously, do your own research, ask your physician and utilize the product properly, but we LOVE IT.


Cool Costumes Part 3 September 26, 2011

Couldn’t help myself – there are so many cute costumes this year! Here are others that I really like –

1. Best part of this kangaroo costume? The little baby kangaroo in the front pocket. Awww… You can find it at chasing fireflies for $48.



2. Clown costumes are a dime a dozen – I love this one because it is quirky and cute and a little bit different for those kids who like being silly. You can find it at Sensational Beginnings for just $29.95 although they are short on sizes – right now they have 2T-4T and 4-6.

3. In my time it was Raggedy Ann, but now no one knows who that is so it is just a Rag Doll, and this one is so pretty. I love the wig the most, and it will be a great opportunity for your little one to wear a little make-up without going overboard. You can find it at costume nation for $27, and the stockings are just a little more at $6.00.

4.  This Statue of Liberty costume is gorgeous but expensive. The dress alone is $48 and then the torch and the crown costs an additional $28 but if your child wants to shine as Lady Liberty, this is the best one I have seen.

5. If you have a kid who loves to dance like crazy – this costume is PERFECT. Mr. Six Flags is hilarious and who wouldn’t have a blast jiggity jigging down the trick-or-treat street.  You can find it at costume nation for $28. Stock is low so act quick.



Back to School September 18, 2011

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Many of you have already made the backpack buying decisions, but others, like myself,were still searching for something cute yet functional, hip yet still child-like, comforting yet enabling, serious yet silly… really? No. I think we all just want a backpack that our child loves and that will last.
These backpacks from are adorable. They are roomy, they are made well, and who can resist the choices – fox, monkey, penguin, elephant? We chose Zebra.
They also have matching insulated lunch bags that match.
You can find them at Skip Hop for $20.


Who doesn’t love a bargain September 13, 2011

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For me, this post is kind of a no-brainer. In fact, I probably should have posted about it as one of the first things I ever recommended to new parents but the Baby Bargain book is worth the investment. It is the opposite of a blog like this that just tells you the best stuff regardless of the cost. Baby Bargains does in-depth research to tell you when things that cost more are better and when the cheapy version will do just fine. I took that book and my Consumer Reports reviews to register for my first child. If you are interested in getting the best stuff for your baby/child but don’t necessarily want to spend top dollar for everything (just the stuff that counts) – read it.

Offered at for $11.16 or on your Kindle for $9.99.


Cool Costumes Part 2 September 11, 2011

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Love Halloween. Easiest way to say it. Love the pumpkins, the cider, the leaves, the costumes, the candy, the haunted houses and the chilled air. Here are some other of my favorite costumes this year. If you don’t like these, the links are also good sources of other costumes. I would love to hear what all of you end up dressing up as and what your children end up being!

Costume #6 – Sushi. Yup. Dress your baby as sushi. I LOVE IT. The costumes are made from fleece so super comfortable, really unique and cute!! You can find a version on Etsy for $50. Sizes up to 24 months.




Costume #7 – How about a corresponding Soy Sauce to go with your sushi? You can find it on etsy for $50.




Costume #8 – I couldn’t find the EXACT components I liked, but I really like the concept of Albert Einstein. The crazy white hair and lab coat could be a really cute combo for a kid. I found something at Oriental trading company for $15.



Costume #9 – Going back to food, as well as back to the Etsy store “notthekitchensink” – how adorable is a baby dressed up as a PIE? The pie comes in different flavors including strawberry, lemon and pumpkin. You can find it on Etsy for $60.




Costume #10 – Tip of the hat to the Brits. How about dressing up like the British Guard. Good ratings and a good price at $38 on



I could on and on here but the question is … should I? Stay tuned.


Cool Costumes Part 1 September 9, 2011

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What parent isn’t on the quest for the cutest costume for their little tyke? I know I am, but my kid is dead set on being dressed up like a drum major/marching band which could be super cute if I could FIND such a costume but I can’t and you won’t find me in the craft room sewing one up so stay tuned to find out how I pull that one off. For all of you however, perhaps one of these costumes will fit your fancy.

Costume # 1 – Max from “Where the Wild Things Are” – what an ADORABLE costume. It would be very unique but not cheap at $150.




Costume #2 – Baby Puffy Owl from Pottery Barn. Whooooo would have thought an owl could have been so cute! $54 at Pottery Barn Kids.



Costume #3 – Its an airplane costume from Target. I love how it is 3D, looks comfortable, simple and it is cute in person. Instead of being an pilot, why not be the actual plane! You can find it at Target for $24.




Costume #4 – This little red fish is both cute and unique. Makes you want to make a fishy face doesn’t it? You can find it at One Step Ahead for $29.95.




Costume #5 – This one just CRACKED me up. A kid who can pull this off is a cool kid. Baby Elvis

Costume – you can get it from for $15.99.


Baby Elephant Ears September 8, 2011

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I have a go-to Mommy who always knows the good stuff and she was the one who found these cute and useful ears. Not actual ears obviously, just these soft cuddly ears that make your child comfortable when they are in their car seats or on the play mat or just about anywhere (but not the crib). It is ergonomic (as ergonomic as something can be for a baby) for neck and back comfort, made with organic materials and it comes in a variety of fabrics. They are also washable which is super convenient. If you like to do some matching – they also have matching big and small blankets. Costing a reasonable $21.95 the ears are a great gift as well as a good item to have for yourself. You can find them at .


How Tervis Tumblers saved our kitchen August 20, 2011

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My husband and I got married 5 years ago and we were blessed with so many wonderful wedding gifts including a lovely set of Pottery Barn glasses. Tall and short, there were gorgeous and we enjoyed them until one day I opened the cabinet and there were no glasses. Then I opened the dishwasher…no glasses. So I called to my husband and said – where are our Pottery Barn glasses and he started laughing. Basically over the course of 5 years we had broken every one of the 12  glasses that we had. Since that point we’ve been making do with teal blue plastic cups from Wal-Mart.

Long story long, a few weeks ago we were visiting friends who introduced us to Tervis tumblers. They are plastic but still look REALLY nice in a kitchen, they are PLASTIC so they don’t break, they are dishwasher safe, can be microwaved, they come in a bazillion different designs (I’ve included the University of Michigan option for those fans.), they keep cold drinks COLD and hot drinks HOT, and … here is the kicker… they don’t sweat! Coasters be gone! (Well almost).  Finally, to add to a already really great product, the company stands behind the product and I have read tons of reviews where the company backed their guarantee with no questions.

They aren’t cheap – about $40 for a set of 4 but they have travel straws, tops, decorations etc. and they are well worth the price.

Find them at Bed Bath and Beyond (if you want to use your 20% off coupon) and elsewhere. In fact, I’m sitting out on my deck sipping as I write this. Enjoy!