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my mommy friends and I have OVER tested baby products and we are here to share our findings

Risk free shoe shopping October 20, 2011

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Umi shoes are well reviewed and highly rated across a number of sites. Sometimes kid shoes run on the side of boring but with Umi your child gets style, comfort and durability. Many shoes can be heavy, which wears on little legs and feet. Umi shoes are light, flexible and come with a patented anti-bacterial footbed. My FAVORITE part of the Umi website is that there is free shipping and free return shipping so you can try the shoes for your children RISK FREE. Style change often so keep checking back. Shoes run about $50 on average. also offers the risk free shopping with the free shipping both ways and it carries an even larger selection of Umi shoes than even their own site. also carries Umi shoes and has some on sale.


Are you giving away the best candy?! October 15, 2011

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I’ve often wondered if kids just KNOW which houses give away the good stuff on Halloween and which ones don’t. I’ve been perusing a few “best of lists” and I thought I would summarize the best Halloween candy you can give as rated by trick-or-treaters and adults alike. Did your candy make the list this year? If not, you may want to reconsider or find yourself blacklisted by trick-or-treaters forever. ha.

25. Chuckles – they are old school and rare but kids love them and so do adults.

24. Sour Patch Kids – you either love them or hate them but you don’t find them a lot in your treat bag and so they are a popular vote getter

23. Blow pops – who doesn’t like a lollipop AND gum in one. seriously.

22. Tootsie pops – nips the Blow pop by one spot because they have been around longer and there is the whole – how quick can you get to the middle thing.

21. Pop rocks – silly, silly little candy that I am convinced has to be extremely bad for you but kids love it nonetheless.

20. Starbusts – an oldie but a goodie

19. Raisinetes – honestly I was surprised this made the list but maybe it is because parents feel better when their kids are eating fruit.

18. Airheads – these things should be gross but they are delicious. Trick-or-treaters love them.

17. Candy Necklaces – I know this one is a bit odd however it made a bunch of lists so I had to include it.

16. Nerds – even I love Nerds – especially the fun flavored ones. You’ll be a hit with these.

15.  Sugar Babies – Not as well-known as some candies but can you get any better than chocolate covered caramel? Well… see number 14.

14. Cow Tails Vanilla – Hard to find but kids go nuts for the caramel candy with Vanilla in the middle.

13. Butterfinger CRISPS – the traditional Butterfinger has been replaced by the new version and I have to say that I agree

now we get into a few traditional candy that everyone loves….

12.  Twix – delish.

11. Almond Joy – most times you feel like a nut. (hahahaha)

10. Skittles – year round fun

okay … we are back into the more unique candy

9. Hot Tamales – never loved them but apparently they are popular and I guess they are one of the few hot candies on the list so they are probably well placed mid-way among the favorites

8. Russel Stover chocolate covered marshmallow pumpkins – I didn’t know these existed but I’ve seen them chatted about all around and so I’m hunting them down this year for the 2 kids that might come to my house

7. Pixie Stix – comes in a variety of flavors, easy to eat right out of the package

6. Candy Corn – it is a seasonal delight for kids and adults of all ages. Who hasn’t eaten the little colored layers one by one?

5. Hersey’s minis – the variety pack is always a hit and who doesn’t love Hersey’s?

4. Fun Dip – my kid is 2.5 and he ALREADY loves it so I can just imagine how much kids love this as they get older. Plus it is a two-part candy which makes it a bit more complex and fun.

3. Pez – Seriously, if you are cool enough to be giving out a variety of different Pez dispensers and Pez then you are probably too cool to be reading this blog however, you are probably seriously popular in the neighborhood and kids will come to your house first to make sure they get their pick of Pez.

2. Reese’s Pieces – they are hard to find and rarely given out but if you can get them and give them, kids will like you.

1. Reese’s Peanut butter cups – I had to end with an old faithful and if you really want to amp this one up, give the double package or the pumpkin shaped one.

Honorable Mention:

– Halloween Peeps

I wish all the best of luck this year in being a cool house in your neighborhood!


Costumes – Not too late! 50% off PB teen costumes October 13, 2011

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Great deal! PB Teen is offering 50% off their teen costumes PLUS free shipping.


Cold relief for your child and for you. October 3, 2011

First and foremost, I’m not a doctor so check with your pediatrician if you have any questions about the things that I am going to recommend below, they are just mommy tricks that I do and that my mommy friends have shared with me. They seem to be tried and true.

When our children have colds, especially ones that have coughs, it can be heartbreaking and tiring. They don’t know how to truly blow their noses so their congestion travels down their throat into the chest area, hence the endless hacking. 

Steps you can take:

1. Steam up the bathroom – keep your child away from the hot water but run the shower at a high temperature with the door closed to create a steam room so to speak. Then cool the water and run the bath – It helps clear your child’s airways even though you’ll probably be sweating

2. For the little ones – I know it is so stressful – but saline drops and the aspirator are a great option. If you make it fun for them it won’t be such a struggle – but especially early on in a cold, it is important that you help your child clear the congestion. I’ve found the simple, squeeze and go aspirators to be the best over the automated ones. Try the aspirator on yourself one time just so you can understand how it feels, you’ll find that while it feels odd, it isn’t uncomfortable and it most definitely isn’t hurting your child if done correctly. Also, as you all probably know – your nose is connected to your throat and your mouth so when you are using the saline drops – if you put too much in, it will travel down their throat and into their mouth and they will taste the saltiness and begin to cry. To that point, you also don’t want your child swallowing too much saline – so if you do it while your child is laying down or sitting up, do one squirt in one nostril  at a time and then use the aspirator right afterwards, you will be creating the best possible experience for your child. My final point – the aspirator takes some practice. You may think you aren’t getting anything – keep trying and you will get the mommy prize (snot) soon enough.

3. Humidifiers, while I don’t truly understand the medical benefit for the child, seem to work wonders. I have one where you can put the Vicks packet into the top and it will have the same benefit as using Vicks (number 4 below) before your child turns two.

The following two options can only be used with children 2 and older:

4. I personally underestimated how great Vicks Vapor Rub really is. My child hates having a cold – is very cranky and cries a lot. As soon as the Vicks Vapor Rub hits his chest, he is smiling. It must have a warming sensation and it truly helps the cold symptoms, especially during the night. I rub a small amount on under the pajamas and let it work its magic throughout the night.

5. My last suggestion is my best (hopefully you’ve gotten this far!) – as you all know, children cannot take cold medicine until they are over 4 years old mostly due to the harsh ingredients. The hardest symptom to deal with – both for your child and for you, is truly the coughing. So I went on a search for a homeopathic solution and found Boirin Children’s Chestal Honey Cough Syrup. It is safe for children 2 years and older and it WORKS like a charm. I read up on it quite a bit – there is nothing negative out there, and it won an award from a panel of experts at Better Nutrition Magazine a few years ago. Obviously, do your own research, ask your physician and utilize the product properly, but we LOVE IT.


Cool Costumes Part 3 September 26, 2011

Couldn’t help myself – there are so many cute costumes this year! Here are others that I really like –

1. Best part of this kangaroo costume? The little baby kangaroo in the front pocket. Awww… You can find it at chasing fireflies for $48.



2. Clown costumes are a dime a dozen – I love this one because it is quirky and cute and a little bit different for those kids who like being silly. You can find it at Sensational Beginnings for just $29.95 although they are short on sizes – right now they have 2T-4T and 4-6.

3. In my time it was Raggedy Ann, but now no one knows who that is so it is just a Rag Doll, and this one is so pretty. I love the wig the most, and it will be a great opportunity for your little one to wear a little make-up without going overboard. You can find it at costume nation for $27, and the stockings are just a little more at $6.00.

4.  This Statue of Liberty costume is gorgeous but expensive. The dress alone is $48 and then the torch and the crown costs an additional $28 but if your child wants to shine as Lady Liberty, this is the best one I have seen.

5. If you have a kid who loves to dance like crazy – this costume is PERFECT. Mr. Six Flags is hilarious and who wouldn’t have a blast jiggity jigging down the trick-or-treat street.  You can find it at costume nation for $28. Stock is low so act quick.



Potty for big”ger” kids September 20, 2011

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It dawned on me as my 2.5 year old was sitting on his training potty the other day that it looked extremely uncomfortable. He legs were too long to bend and sitting with them straight out didn’t seem to make sense either so I began to research different options and found the Prince Lionheart PottyPOD training potty which has a more comfortable seat cushion and an adjustable base so if it takes a little longer for potty training, your child doesn’t have to be all scrunched up. Obviously it has the basics like the removable bowl that can be washed out which make it easier than lifting the whole thing up and it has a sleek stylish design. Best deal I could find was on for $37.



Back to School September 18, 2011

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Many of you have already made the backpack buying decisions, but others, like myself,were still searching for something cute yet functional, hip yet still child-like, comforting yet enabling, serious yet silly… really? No. I think we all just want a backpack that our child loves and that will last.
These backpacks from are adorable. They are roomy, they are made well, and who can resist the choices – fox, monkey, penguin, elephant? We chose Zebra.
They also have matching insulated lunch bags that match.
You can find them at Skip Hop for $20.