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Who doesn’t love a bargain September 13, 2011

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For me, this post is kind of a no-brainer. In fact, I probably should have posted about it as one of the first things I ever recommended to new parents but the Baby Bargain book is worth the investment. It is the opposite of a blog like this that just tells you the best stuff regardless of the cost. Baby Bargains does in-depth research to tell you when things that cost more are better and when the cheapy version will do just fine. I took that book and my Consumer Reports reviews to register for my first child. If you are interested in getting the best stuff for your baby/child but don’t necessarily want to spend top dollar for everything (just the stuff that counts) – read it.

Offered at for $11.16 or on your Kindle for $9.99.


Cool Costumes Part 2 September 11, 2011

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Love Halloween. Easiest way to say it. Love the pumpkins, the cider, the leaves, the costumes, the candy, the haunted houses and the chilled air. Here are some other of my favorite costumes this year. If you don’t like these, the links are also good sources of other costumes. I would love to hear what all of you end up dressing up as and what your children end up being!

Costume #6 – Sushi. Yup. Dress your baby as sushi. I LOVE IT. The costumes are made from fleece so super comfortable, really unique and cute!! You can find a version on Etsy for $50. Sizes up to 24 months.




Costume #7 – How about a corresponding Soy Sauce to go with your sushi? You can find it on etsy for $50.




Costume #8 – I couldn’t find the EXACT components I liked, but I really like the concept of Albert Einstein. The crazy white hair and lab coat could be a really cute combo for a kid. I found something at Oriental trading company for $15.



Costume #9 – Going back to food, as well as back to the Etsy store “notthekitchensink” – how adorable is a baby dressed up as a PIE? The pie comes in different flavors including strawberry, lemon and pumpkin. You can find it on Etsy for $60.




Costume #10 – Tip of the hat to the Brits. How about dressing up like the British Guard. Good ratings and a good price at $38 on



I could on and on here but the question is … should I? Stay tuned.


Cool Costumes Part 1 September 9, 2011

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What parent isn’t on the quest for the cutest costume for their little tyke? I know I am, but my kid is dead set on being dressed up like a drum major/marching band which could be super cute if I could FIND such a costume but I can’t and you won’t find me in the craft room sewing one up so stay tuned to find out how I pull that one off. For all of you however, perhaps one of these costumes will fit your fancy.

Costume # 1 – Max from “Where the Wild Things Are” – what an ADORABLE costume. It would be very unique but not cheap at $150.




Costume #2 – Baby Puffy Owl from Pottery Barn. Whooooo would have thought an owl could have been so cute! $54 at Pottery Barn Kids.



Costume #3 – Its an airplane costume from Target. I love how it is 3D, looks comfortable, simple and it is cute in person. Instead of being an pilot, why not be the actual plane! You can find it at Target for $24.




Costume #4 – This little red fish is both cute and unique. Makes you want to make a fishy face doesn’t it? You can find it at One Step Ahead for $29.95.




Costume #5 – This one just CRACKED me up. A kid who can pull this off is a cool kid. Baby Elvis

Costume – you can get it from for $15.99.


Baby Elephant Ears September 8, 2011

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I have a go-to Mommy who always knows the good stuff and she was the one who found these cute and useful ears. Not actual ears obviously, just these soft cuddly ears that make your child comfortable when they are in their car seats or on the play mat or just about anywhere (but not the crib). It is ergonomic (as ergonomic as something can be for a baby) for neck and back comfort, made with organic materials and it comes in a variety of fabrics. They are also washable which is super convenient. If you like to do some matching – they also have matching big and small blankets. Costing a reasonable $21.95 the ears are a great gift as well as a good item to have for yourself. You can find them at .


Monthly Milestones March 3, 2011

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How many of you have tried to get your little one to pose for the monthly picture with a piece of paper that includes how old they are in months plus maybe the date? I know I have! Its easy at first when they are tiny and don’t move much but then as they get older you have to be a magician to keep them from  crumpling up the paper or to keep them from throwing it on the floor etc. In come STICKY BELLIES! I LOVE these things. For about $15 you get 12 individual monthly stickers that can be put on onesie and presto! you have yourself a picture ready kid!!



Create your own bedding February 22, 2011

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The Nursery Designer® from Carousel Designs allows you to avoid the hours and hours of searching for the perfect crib bedding. I remember the search very well – I was looking for something that was a good balance on cute and stylish. I didn’t find it and ended up with the Alphabet. For our next child, this will be my first stop. The Nursery Designer® lets you choose the fabric for the crib skirt, comforter (2 sides), the crib sheet, and then all parts of the bumper including the inside, the panels on the outside, the ties, and the piping. While allowing you to be your own personal baby room decorator,  it helps you along by showing you matching patterns/fabrics and also allows you to choose textures from satins to minky to cotton.


Valentine’s Day Idea #7 February 3, 2011

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How many times have you seen a photo of a mother and baby or mother and child and just been so impressed? It is so cool to catch a special moment and be able to relive it for a lifetime. A really cool Valentine’s day present (and what I’m asking for MYSELF) is a sitting with a photographer specializing in children. For those of you in the tri-state area there are a few photographers that can do an amazing job: (doesn’t specialize in children but does great work)

For those in other areas or this area who have recommendations feel free to post them.


Its a Miracle…Blanket January 13, 2011

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You learn very early on after having a baby how important swaddling can be. For us, the baby nurses were professionals at swaddling up our son nice and tight. Swaddling is the recreating of the feeling a baby gets in the womb. Nice and warm and protected. Swaddling can help babies sleep, it can help colic, and it can help calm a baby. i’m the first one to say however that when I attempted to swaddle my child similar to how the nurse swaddled him as a newborn I was very (VERY) unsuccessful. It wasn’t tight enough and in a few minutes he had wriggled free. Then my very dear friend introduced me to the Miracle Blanket Swaddler.

Although I have other blankets that I prefer better, from a swaddling perspective this is your best bet. We had 5 or more other options that claimed to make swaddling “easy” and this option did the trick everytime. There is no velcro or ties etc. and the directions were understandable (They also have a video on their website Once in place, the swaddle will stay put long past any swaddle you could create on your own. Mothers everywhere swear by this blanket. In addition, the blanket is made from breathable cotton and is soft and comfortable and comes in an organic cotton option which is harder to find but worth it.

People and babies are either swaddlers or not. So if you are swaddler or your child is a swaddler lover, this is the blanket for you.


High Chair… Sort of January 5, 2011

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I’ve been asking and asking and asking for everyone to give recommendations on the best high chair. And this, let’s call it, half of a high chair, wins out consistently. The Fisher-Price Space Save High Chair. It is cute, easy to clean, it utilizes one of your chairs instead of space on the floor, it converts to a booster seat and the children can sit directly at the table with you. It has a 3 position recline and 3 height settings. The pad is removable (key) and machine washable (key). Also, the one handed tray release system is quite convenient. What else is there to say I guess? The downside is that it isn’t a beautiful piece of furniture but then again, it isn’t $250 either. This prices out at a reasonable $50 (approx). If I had the chance to do it again, this would be my choice.


A changing pad that doubles as a diaper bag?! November 23, 2010

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Diaper bags get heavy. It is just a fact of life. And sometimes you want to go somewhere and you don’t want to carry 12 months of accumulated toys, crayons, and snacks. Introducing the Patemm changing pad that when folded up holds wipes, lotion and a change of clothes and when unfolded…tada… a big, 30 inch round changing pad.

Some are laminated and waterproof but PVC, Latex, BPA, Formaldahyde, and Lead free. Some are non-coated and made from Organic cotton.

There are a variety of patterns. This also makes a very nice gift!

You can’t find these pads everywhere – the easiest place is on their website: