Mommy Tested Baby Approved

my mommy friends and I have OVER tested baby products and we are here to share our findings

Worry Woos. January 8, 2011

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In this day and age, kids worry. Its sad really. That aside, kids worry about fitting in, and making friends. The Worry Woo books and characters are just so sweet. Hand illustrated, these books encourage children to embrace their emotions such as lonliness, insecurity, and being scared. Each book character is available as an  11″ plush figure.  Most reviewers have said it is a great opportunity to discuss topics that aren’t all that easy sometimes. I enjoyed the stories as an adult too! You can find the books and characters at The book runs about $13 and the character around $25.


Humpty Who? November 12, 2010

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More than one of my friends who are parents told me stories of how they sang Jingle Bells in the middle of the summer to their baby because they just didn’t know any other catchy tunes. My memory has failed me more than once where I knew I knew some different nursery rhymes but just couldn’t think of them. Does Three Blind Mice ring a bell? How about Little Miss Muffet? If nothing else – the book: Humpty Who?: A Crash Course in 80 Nursery Rhymes (Book and CD) which sells for a measly $10 (approx) will jog your memory and be a reference guide for those long nights in the rocking chair.

Now Skip, Skip, Skip to my Loo…


Mr. Elf Reporting for Service November 6, 2010

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Many of you may know about this cool and innovative little elf story since it was you who introduced him to me. However, for those parents/grandparents, like me, who don’t know about him – Let me introduce you to “The Elf on the Shelf – A Christmas Tradition” written by the Elf on the Shelf.

Santa cannot watch all the children himself so he sends his elves to watch over little children and make sure that they make the “nice” list this Christmas. The pixie elf – in both light and dark skinned variations, will sit on a shelf in your house and watch your little munckin and report back to Santa. It is a story all children will enjoy and the elf is a prominent reminder that Santa’s arrival is only a short time away.

If you are really tech saavy, you can register the elf online for more elf/santa fun. Enjoy and here’s to well behaved children thanks to the Elf on the Shelf!

The elf is sold at Pottery Barn Kids and among other places and runs for about $29.95.