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Back to School September 18, 2011

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Many of you have already made the backpack buying decisions, but others, like myself,were still searching for something cute yet functional, hip yet still child-like, comforting yet enabling, serious yet silly… really? No. I think we all just want a backpack that our child loves and that will last.
These backpacks from are adorable. They are roomy, they are made well, and who can resist the choices – fox, monkey, penguin, elephant? We chose Zebra.
They also have matching insulated lunch bags that match.
You can find them at Skip Hop for $20.


Cool Costumes Part 2 September 11, 2011

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Love Halloween. Easiest way to say it. Love the pumpkins, the cider, the leaves, the costumes, the candy, the haunted houses and the chilled air. Here are some other of my favorite costumes this year. If you don’t like these, the links are also good sources of other costumes. I would love to hear what all of you end up dressing up as and what your children end up being!

Costume #6 – Sushi. Yup. Dress your baby as sushi. I LOVE IT. The costumes are made from fleece so super comfortable, really unique and cute!! You can find a version on Etsy for $50. Sizes up to 24 months.




Costume #7 – How about a corresponding Soy Sauce to go with your sushi? You can find it on etsy for $50.




Costume #8 – I couldn’t find the EXACT components I liked, but I really like the concept of Albert Einstein. The crazy white hair and lab coat could be a really cute combo for a kid. I found something at Oriental trading company for $15.



Costume #9 – Going back to food, as well as back to the Etsy store “notthekitchensink” – how adorable is a baby dressed up as a PIE? The pie comes in different flavors including strawberry, lemon and pumpkin. You can find it on Etsy for $60.




Costume #10 – Tip of the hat to the Brits. How about dressing up like the British Guard. Good ratings and a good price at $38 on



I could on and on here but the question is … should I? Stay tuned.


Cool Costumes Part 1 September 9, 2011

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What parent isn’t on the quest for the cutest costume for their little tyke? I know I am, but my kid is dead set on being dressed up like a drum major/marching band which could be super cute if I could FIND such a costume but I can’t and you won’t find me in the craft room sewing one up so stay tuned to find out how I pull that one off. For all of you however, perhaps one of these costumes will fit your fancy.

Costume # 1 – Max from “Where the Wild Things Are” – what an ADORABLE costume. It would be very unique but not cheap at $150.




Costume #2 – Baby Puffy Owl from Pottery Barn. Whooooo would have thought an owl could have been so cute! $54 at Pottery Barn Kids.



Costume #3 – Its an airplane costume from Target. I love how it is 3D, looks comfortable, simple and it is cute in person. Instead of being an pilot, why not be the actual plane! You can find it at Target for $24.




Costume #4 – This little red fish is both cute and unique. Makes you want to make a fishy face doesn’t it? You can find it at One Step Ahead for $29.95.




Costume #5 – This one just CRACKED me up. A kid who can pull this off is a cool kid. Baby Elvis

Costume – you can get it from for $15.99.


Welcome Home in Little Person Style May 12, 2011

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There are a ton of varieties of playhouse out there. Some more complex and some very simple.  Some very cheap and some VERY expensive. In the medium-price range the Naturally Playful Welcome House is perfect. It is sizable (adults can fit in), well-made, nice to look at (many of these playhouses are not appealing to the eye), and has all the key things adults/kids want in functionality. Door? check. Lots of windows? check. Kitchen? check. Table? check. SKYLIGHT? check. The only thing that is missing in my opinion is a bench.

This is available at Step 2 for $499 plus $29.99 shipping – this is the best deal I could find. It also comes with a double play-all-in-one sports trainer ($99 value). However the Step 2 site only has the one with the half-door and has a full door and no sports trainer for about $150 more.

All you will need is a welcome mat to be home.


Please Touch… and they mean it! March 22, 2011

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Honestly, the Please Touch museum in Philadelphia was not my own discovery. Parenting magazine found it and rated it one of the best museums/outings for kids and now I know why. I went there this weekend with one 2-year-old, one 3-year-old, and one 4-year-old and it couldn’t have been more fun. The museum is for kids. Period. There are no adult things to do at all. Everything is touchable, unbreakable, movable, and it teaches kids along the way. The highlight of the museum for the kids was the grocery story complete with aisles such as produce, breads, and canned goods. Each child got a shopping cart, they could shop, checkout at the register, work behind the counter, wherever their imagination took them. They could work at or eat at a “McDonald’s” set up just for kids with pretend burgers they could assemble and the trays and cups for the dining experience. Children can change a tire, pump gas, pay with water, play the piano, find their way through Alice in Wonderland’s maze. They can ride a bus, a train, a motorcycle, a car (real car). They can work construction, play doctor, etc. etc. etc. You get the point. I wish we lived closer to the museum. It is a wonderful way for children to experience everything they see adults do every day and it allows them to explore their curiosity. For anyone who lives even remotely close, I highly, highly suggest a trip.

A few tips: earlier morning is better, less kids, less hectic. Parking isn’t all that easy – we parked on the street/grass a short walk away and it worked fine. Make sure if your kids like puppet shows to go in a little early because the theatre filled up quick.


The Next Van Gogh (with both ears intact of course) March 18, 2011

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Adults come with or without artistic talents but every kid’s artistic expression is something interesting and lets admit it, everything our children draw is ADORABLE. As parents we love showing it off on the fridge but perhaps they would like to show it off too! This is a mobile art-easel/backpack/drawing surface called the GoVinci backpack. It is a backpack that has dedicated the a whole side to showcase your child’s artwork. When not being transported to and from school, it is a great drawing surface in the car or out on the go and the backpack itself is very durable. Just $29 at


Valentine’s Day Idea #7 February 3, 2011

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How many times have you seen a photo of a mother and baby or mother and child and just been so impressed? It is so cool to catch a special moment and be able to relive it for a lifetime. A really cool Valentine’s day present (and what I’m asking for MYSELF) is a sitting with a photographer specializing in children. For those of you in the tri-state area there are a few photographers that can do an amazing job: (doesn’t specialize in children but does great work)

For those in other areas or this area who have recommendations feel free to post them.