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my mommy friends and I have OVER tested baby products and we are here to share our findings

Plasma TV for an Adult, Plasma Car for a Kid July 29, 2011

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Similar to a Plasma TV for an adult, the Plasma Car for kids is hours of entertainment. The difference between the two is that a Plasma¬†TV needs power, and the Plasma Car doesn’t. No pedaling necessary. No batteries necessary. Your toddler can propel the car by turning the steering wheel. When my son received this contraption, we had never heard of the Plasma Car before. Putting together the car was simple and he was quickly cruising around the hardwood floors. How it gains momentum is for those who understand physics frankly. For a while I tried to figure it out and then just decided to enjoy it without questioning it.¬†Adding to the coolness factor, the toy is very sturdy, virtually indestructable (at least from our experience) and you can choose different colors.

At about $70 – this is a great investment, in my opinion, better than a majority of the plastic cars that toddlers use. You can find it at Learning Express,, and a variety of other places. We thank our friends for introducing us to this toy and we hope you all enjoy it as well.


Throwback November 19, 2010

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I think our children should enjoy more toys that we got to play with! Haven’t tried it but it just looked really fun (still!). The Lite-Brite Cube from Hasbro – a twist on the standard toy with 4 sides instead of 1!