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Valentine’s Day Idea #7 February 3, 2011

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How many times have you seen a photo of a mother and baby or mother and child and just been so impressed? It is so cool to catch a special moment and be able to relive it for a lifetime. A really cool Valentine’s day present (and what I’m asking for MYSELF) is a sitting with a photographer specializing in children. For those of you in the tri-state area there are a few photographers that can do an amazing job: (doesn’t specialize in children but does great work)

For those in other areas or this area who have recommendations feel free to post them.


Valentine’s Day Idea #5 January 26, 2011

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Product ImageCards are not enough. Even if you read every card and it says the perfect words – the words were written by Hallmark not by you. Treat your loved one to a special treat with your words. Open a card and write down one entire side. Tell her what a great mom she is and what she means to you. Or how great a role model he is as a dad. I think we all take for granted how our words can make someone feel special, feel needed, feel valued and our words (not Hallmark’s) are the ones our loved ones want to hear. Simple but true.


Valentine’s Idea #4 January 25, 2011

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This isn’t my most creative idea to say the least but Mom’s everywhere want one of these and if they don’t have one already they would be thrilled to get one. The initial necklaces are being sported by celebrity and non-celebrity mom’s alike. They are a sweet way to have your child or your family close to your heart at all times. 

Think about it like Red Fish Blue Fish – some are silver, some are gold. Some are inexpensive and some cost a load. Some have bling, and some have tiers. Don’t be afraid, erase your fears.

We’ve listed a few options below to give you an idea of the choices out there –

This one is the most expensive at $280 – it is made by Sonya Renee and is the one that most of the celebrities are wearing:

Pink Mascara has a whole section with different types of initials necklaces and charms ranging in price:

BlueNile has a nice basic one for $60 –

Max and Chloe has a lot of cool options varying from reasonable to extremely expensive:,149,150,150

Etsy (where individuals can sell their work) has some great options for very reasonable prices:


Valentine’s Idea #3 January 23, 2011

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This idea can be for a mommy OR a daddy. Some people will say they don’t like this idea because they know where everything is even in the chaos. So for those people, skip this one. For everyone else, a clean closet is like the freshest air on the top of the highest mountain. When you look into an organized closet and can actually SEE the clothes it is invigorating. Simply refolding, color coordinating, organizing shoes and getting all the same hangers can make a world of a difference. Of course if you are really fancy you could hire one of those companies that will organize for you but I think a little elbow grease and a lot of love will have the same result. Its free (unless you buy hangers or a closet organizing system and even then it isn’t too bad), and your loved one will be ecstatic. Good luck!


Valentine’s Day Idea #2 January 21, 2011

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So all mommies are amazing. Let me just say that. But after 2010, some mommies deserve that extra special something. You all know the mommies I’m talking about. It was a tough year. Almost as tough as 2009. And there are mommies and daddies alike who have gone through alot. So if you want to go a bit above and beyond this year for Valentine’s Day and make her feel extra-special, we are recommending a micro-pave diamond eternity band. has them starting at $960 – they are a beautiful ring for the right hand and could even be used as a substitute or an enhancement for an engagement ring/wedding ring periodically.  Bluefly is online so it makes it convenient and they have a 30 day return policy which helps but if you don’t want to buy a $1000 ring online, most jewelery stores sell the micropave or pave diamond eternity bands. This one will definitely produce the “wow” response you were looking for. It won’t make 2010 any easier but it will make 2011 ALOT brighter.


Valentine’s Day Idea Number 1 January 19, 2011

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So to take care of the loved one in your life (I’m addressing mommies mostly in these entries although I will have some that can be applicable for daddies too) on Valentine’s day you can go the simple route. I know all the ladies out there will be give a big happy sigh when they think about wandering through Sephora and touching those wonderfully soft make-up brushes. Those brushes MAKE you want to put make-up on even though your child woke up 10 times last night and you haven’t showered in 2 days. These are the simple pleasures. You don’t want to go super-cheap here because the bristles of the make-up brush aren’t as soft and they fall out easier but you don’t have to go super expensive either.

Sephora has a collection of brushes for $60 that have received rave reviews and when you buy online and spend more than $50 you get free shipping and for all purchases you get free samples of other beauty products so it would be a nice little package of surprises. I promise you will delight with this option.


Valentine’s Day Preparation January 17, 2011

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hey everyone out there – do you know what you are getting the ladies in your life for Valentine’s day? February 14th. Don’t forget. It may be a Hallmark holiday but we don’t care. You don’t have to spend $200 on flowers…  10  great ideas coming your way over the next 10 days on MommyTested.