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my mommy friends and I have OVER tested baby products and we are here to share our findings

Alternative option to the bulky exersaucer/jumper – Go-Pod February 15, 2012

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We loved the jumper/exersaucer, my child loved playing in it. Some do, some don’t. I will say that the typical jumpers/exersaucers  are huge, unwieldy and eyesores. They are fun, but could be potentially short-lived depending on your child’s interest or attention span. Plus, they are definitely not easily transportable. The Go-Pod folds up for easy storage,



Who doesn’t love a bargain September 13, 2011

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For me, this post is kind of a no-brainer. In fact, I probably should have posted about it as one of the first things I ever recommended to new parents but the Baby Bargain book is worth the investment. It is the opposite of a blog like this that just tells you the best stuff regardless of the cost. Baby Bargains does in-depth research to tell you when things that cost more are better and when the cheapy version will do just fine. I took that book and my Consumer Reports reviews to register for my first child. If you are interested in getting the best stuff for your baby/child but don’t necessarily want to spend top dollar for everything (just the stuff that counts) – read it.

Offered at for $11.16 or on your Kindle for $9.99.


Cool Costumes Part 2 September 11, 2011

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Love Halloween. Easiest way to say it. Love the pumpkins, the cider, the leaves, the costumes, the candy, the haunted houses and the chilled air. Here are some other of my favorite costumes this year. If you don’t like these, the links are also good sources of other costumes. I would love to hear what all of you end up dressing up as and what your children end up being!

Costume #6 – Sushi. Yup. Dress your baby as sushi. I LOVE IT. The costumes are made from fleece so super comfortable, really unique and cute!! You can find a version on Etsy for $50. Sizes up to 24 months.




Costume #7 – How about a corresponding Soy Sauce to go with your sushi? You can find it on etsy for $50.




Costume #8 – I couldn’t find the EXACT components I liked, but I really like the concept of Albert Einstein. The crazy white hair and lab coat could be a really cute combo for a kid. I found something at Oriental trading company for $15.



Costume #9 – Going back to food, as well as back to the Etsy store “notthekitchensink” – how adorable is a baby dressed up as a PIE? The pie comes in different flavors including strawberry, lemon and pumpkin. You can find it on Etsy for $60.




Costume #10 – Tip of the hat to the Brits. How about dressing up like the British Guard. Good ratings and a good price at $38 on



I could on and on here but the question is … should I? Stay tuned.


Baby Elephant Ears September 8, 2011

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I have a go-to Mommy who always knows the good stuff and she was the one who found these cute and useful ears. Not actual ears obviously, just these soft cuddly ears that make your child comfortable when they are in their car seats or on the play mat or just about anywhere (but not the crib). It is ergonomic (as ergonomic as something can be for a baby) for neck and back comfort, made with organic materials and it comes in a variety of fabrics. They are also washable which is super convenient. If you like to do some matching – they also have matching big and small blankets. Costing a reasonable $21.95 the ears are a great gift as well as a good item to have for yourself. You can find them at .


How Tervis Tumblers saved our kitchen August 20, 2011

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My husband and I got married 5 years ago and we were blessed with so many wonderful wedding gifts including a lovely set of Pottery Barn glasses. Tall and short, there were gorgeous and we enjoyed them until one day I opened the cabinet and there were no glasses. Then I opened the dishwasher…no glasses. So I called to my husband and said – where are our Pottery Barn glasses and he started laughing. Basically over the course of 5 years we had broken every one of the 12  glasses that we had. Since that point we’ve been making do with teal blue plastic cups from Wal-Mart.

Long story long, a few weeks ago we were visiting friends who introduced us to Tervis tumblers. They are plastic but still look REALLY nice in a kitchen, they are PLASTIC so they don’t break, they are dishwasher safe, can be microwaved, they come in a bazillion different designs (I’ve included the University of Michigan option for those fans.), they keep cold drinks COLD and hot drinks HOT, and … here is the kicker… they don’t sweat! Coasters be gone! (Well almost).  Finally, to add to a already really great product, the company stands behind the product and I have read tons of reviews where the company backed their guarantee with no questions.

They aren’t cheap – about $40 for a set of 4 but they have travel straws, tops, decorations etc. and they are well worth the price.

Find them at Bed Bath and Beyond (if you want to use your 20% off coupon) and elsewhere. In fact, I’m sitting out on my deck sipping as I write this. Enjoy!


Old School Videos – IPOD touch style August 14, 2011

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Every since I got my IPOD touch I’ve been addicted to Scrabble. So just recently I started researching IPOD/IPAD apps and came across the 8MM Vintage Camera application for your videos. It allows you to give your videos old-school feeling with different tones and also allows you to add music. You have to try it out and experience it to really enjoy the fun. Find it the App Store for $1.99.


Plasma TV for an Adult, Plasma Car for a Kid July 29, 2011

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Similar to a Plasma TV for an adult, the Plasma Car for kids is hours of entertainment. The difference between the two is that a Plasma TV needs power, and the Plasma Car doesn’t. No pedaling necessary. No batteries necessary. Your toddler can propel the car by turning the steering wheel. When my son received this contraption, we had never heard of the Plasma Car before. Putting together the car was simple and he was quickly cruising around the hardwood floors. How it gains momentum is for those who understand physics frankly. For a while I tried to figure it out and then just decided to enjoy it without questioning it. Adding to the coolness factor, the toy is very sturdy, virtually indestructable (at least from our experience) and you can choose different colors.

At about $70 – this is a great investment, in my opinion, better than a majority of the plastic cars that toddlers use. You can find it at Learning Express,, and a variety of other places. We thank our friends for introducing us to this toy and we hope you all enjoy it as well.